Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I bet you're wondering why I'd write about gardening in the dead of winter. Well, this is an indoor mini garden.

I'm not good at gardening. It's no secret. Last year I attempted to revamp our front garden (with the help of much more plant-savvy Husband), but we never did get to it.

growing my mini garden
But then I got the sweetest gift from my friend Emma (great name, I'd say). It's a pretty little garden, and I actually managed to grow it! Perhaps they make them fool-proof, but I'm choosing to believe that my skills are improving.

Ready for a trim! It's micro-cress, so it's edible too :)

Ps. Why don't we have adorable little things like this in Canada? I'm convinced that the UK has the gift/gift wrap/card market cornered.

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