Thursday, 10 January 2013


While everyone else is kicking into high gear and rushing to the gym, I (obviously) am not because I despise that place.

I am, however, preparing for my winter hibernation. How, you ask? By lining up a bunch of tv series (what's the plural of series?).

Much of the cold Canadian winter will be spent like this.

So far, I'm thinking season 5 of Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. We've also started Mad Men, which I like, but I'm not hooked yet.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, how much does my dad resemble Heisenberg - it's really just the hat, but still.

Any other recommendations for a tv series that both the Husband and I would like?

xx E.

Ps. I'd also take movie recommendations!

1 comment:

  1. American Horror Story!! Season 1 is finished and they're part way through Season 2!


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