Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I like to ask questions. You could say, I'm full of questioning goodness. Husband is often the recipient of said questions.

The other night I asked him, would you still love me if I had my foot amputated?

Him: hmmm, probably not

Me: no seriously though, what if I had my whole leg amputated? Because that's one of my biggest fears.

H: Ah, the list of 500 things that Emma is afraid of ;)

M: WHAT?!?!

<pause to think>

M: You think I'm afraid of that many things? Like what?

H: Spiders, gross words, amputations...

M: I am not afraid of gross words. I just think they're gross.Oh and you forgot being kidnapped...
and the dark
and doors that are left ajar (because someone could be in there)
and things under my bed and behind the shower curtain
and being chased
and scorpions
and basements
and the credits song from Dexter
and being burried 
and heights


ok maybe it is a pretty long list.

Ps. What are you most afraid of?

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  1. Bahahaha!!!
    The credits song from Dexter!

    I'm afraid of revolving doors. I think it will move too fast, and I won't make it out in time and be sliced in half.


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