Thursday, 26 September 2013

Are Mullets Back In Town?

According to sources (a quick look at Vogue's October cover or recent Marc Jacobs ads), it seems as though mullets are back in style. They have resurfaced on their own timeline (not part of the '80s fashion revival of the last few seasons). Some people will probably be really glad they're in style again (because believe it or not, I still know people who sport the original 1980's version).

Let's talk about some of the best mullets out there. There happen to be more than one type. You've got the punk rocker (spiky on top, long at the back). The crew cut/mullet. The skullet (bald on top, party still happening in the back). Some celebs have mullets named after them (the Michael Bolton, anyone?) It's the one hairstyle that continues to get attention from just about everyone.

Do you remember the episode of Full House when uncle Jesse broke his arms, and the girls tried to help by doing his hair, and accidentally ruined his mullet. Consequently, he ended up with a much more appealing hair cut. Nonetheless, he was devastated. There's just something about a mullet that people can't seem to let go of.

So whether you're still rockin' the Billy Ray Cyrus, or you've reinvented the mullet into a trendy, fashion-forward hairstyle (which I will call the mini-mullet), wear it with pride. At the very least, it gives those of us without mullets something to smile about.

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