Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Restaurant Review: The Harbour Diner

Last weekend, for my dad's birthday, we all went out to The Harbour Diner to celebrate. The Harbour Diner is a little place in Hamilton that we've been to before, and my parents visit pretty regularly. Decorated like your grandparents dining room, with mismatched chairs and china, this place is the epitome of homey.

The Harbour Diner is definitely a local favourite, and thanks to the miracle of television (it was featured on The Food Network's You Gotta Eat Here), it's now pretty popular among out-of-towners as well. The restaurant is tiny, so it's pretty difficult to get a table if you just show up. Do yourself a favour, make a reso (especially on a weekend). I've only ever been for dinner, but based on what I've eaten, I can bet they do a bang-up breakfast. The portions are gigantic. I'm not kidding. One portion is likely enough for three meals, and with that in mind, you wouldn't believe how reasonable the prices are. I opted for the crab and lobster macaroni (obviously), but from what I hear, the meatloaf is where it's at. If you can save room for dessert, try to. They have a great selection of homemade pies and crumbles.

{the features are always tasty, but sell out quickly}

{with the exception of our table for six, this is the entire place}

{obviously I love a place adorned with teacups}

{a must try: their garlic caesar}

{a healthier version of fish & chips}

{didn't I say the portions were big? This is what was left after I finished eating}

{oh and they wrap your leftovers into tinfoil animals}

{animals unite! elephant, crab and swan}

{one full and happy family} 

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