Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Holiday in Review

While everyone is getting back to school and work today, I'm relishing in the afterglow of our amazing vacation. We spent 10 days touring through the UK, visiting family and friends, and enjoying our holiday.

Some highlights include:
+ cooking and baking with the family
+ going to the beach in Wales
+ learning to play Cricket
+ eating proper fish and chips
+ playing Croquet while drinking tea
+ sipping on Pimm's
+ going to see the North Sea
+ visiting Newcastle-upon-Tyne
+ crossing into Scotland
+ visiting Edinburgh
+ spending time with my cousins in Liverpool
+ getting together with friends (remembering old times and making new memories)
+ dancing to musical songs with my sisters-in-law
+ playing Cow-Monkey-Fish-Goat (I'll post on how to play another day)
+ going for Cream Tea with the girls (tea and scones)
+ watching our cousin play guitar/sing at a local pub
+ meeting the furry new addition to the family
+ long lazy mornings just spending time together

Here are some pictures, if you'd like to see...


  1. Your trip sounds like so much fun!! Love those pictures. I've always wanted to go to England - maybe someday!

    1. It was such a great time - and you should totally go to England (it's a lot closer than it seems!)

  2. Croquet with teas. Awesome. Baseball doesn't have that much of sass, haha! By the way, what flavor of teas are those? You know, it's fascinating how they're putting out new flavors now. Hope yours is as refreshing as that sport.


    1. It definitely seemed more civilized with a cup of tea, although we were pretty competitive, so anyone listening wouldn't have thought we were! We were just having black tea (PG Tips) :)


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