Thursday, 12 September 2013

Geeky Confession

Geeky guilty pleasures. I’m sure everyone has them. Those things that they like, but are sometimes embarrassing to admit. I have them. Sometimes I don’t realize they’re embarrassing until I’ve already said them. Take, for example, my love of the British Soap Coronation Street. I love it. So much so that in University, I would wake up early on Sundays to watch the omnibus. I didn’t think it was geeky because my roomie was up watching it with me. I have a feeling that if other people knew about it, they’d think we were/are total Corrie Geeks (which isn't a real thing, I just made that up).

So one thing that I know is geeky and I’m about to confess is that I’ve always loved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies. The teenybopper ones, where they encounter some kind of twin trouble, and there was always a cute boy involved. Back when I was a babysitter, if the kids owned the movies, I would make the kids watch them with me. I don’t know if it’s the warm and fuzzy family vibe I get or maybe I just knew how inherently stylish they were destined to become (not likely). I could probably even still sing all the words on their much loved cassette tape 'Brother for Sale'.

There you have it. I feel like I might as well have said I dress-up and go to Comicon. Actually, going to Comicon is probably less geeky.

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  1. My friends would rent these and watch them on Friday High THAT'S geeky. Oh ya, my grade 12 boyfriend also bought me the Winning London dolls (as a joke...I think)...I still have them.

    1. haha is it bad that I noticed links to watch them online today while I was looking for pictures...and considered sitting down to watch a few? Winning London was one of my favs :)

  2. Haha, hilarious! I'm actually taking this as a recommendation and may check them out myself...

  3. haha please don't use this as a basis for my taste in movies! I have much better taste...usually... lol

  4. Amazing post! I still watch Corrie all the time!


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