Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thirsty Thursday: My Adult Bevy Center

After being inspired by many different bar carts, I've now (finally) put my own together. This 'cart' is nestled between our living and dining room, so you can grab yourself a cocktail anytime (I swear we're not alcoholics). The elements that I included can be put into four categories: alcohol (duh), glassware, garnishes (in this case, fruit), and extras.

I don't have every kind of alcohol. I don't really see a reason to (unless I were hosting a large party). For now, I just have things that we enjoy, and that our friends also like. That includes a bottle of Pimm's, vodka, rye, gin and scotch. Missing: rum. Nick likes rum and I think a spiced rum would be nice for the winter. There's also some dessert wine and a bottle of sparkling water.

On the silver tray (which belonged to my grandma, by the way), there are four cocktail glasses. The champagne flutes are from my in-laws. They gave them to us the day we got engaged, so they carry really happy memories for us. The crystal decanter also belonged to my grandparents, the tall one with the etched pattern belonged to Nick's nana and granddad, and it made the trip home in my suitcase (success!) and the third one is from our friends' wedding.

I think lemons and limes are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up a kitchen or dining room. Plus you need them for the cocktails. And lastly the extras: the silver coasters (Kate Spade) are a housewarming gift from our close friends and they have cute cocktail phrases like 'make it a double' and 'on the rocks'. the vase is actually a former beer bottle blown into a glass, but I thought it would look pretty with a flower (plus it totally fits the bar cart theme).

There you have it! If you're ever over at my place, feel free to help yourself to something from the bar :)


  1. I have that big white bowl too... and love it!


    1. From the Real Canadian Superstore? They have such great (and reasonable) housewares!

  2. this is amazing! my husband and i have fancy ourselves as mojito connoisseurs after having made it at home a few times now, but i want to try so much more - especially as my girlfriends organised an amazing cocktail making class for my hen party a few months ago. i'm really hoping to make something like this at some point! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder


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