Wednesday, 11 September 2013


right before we played our last cow-monkey-fish-goat of the trip
What's that, you ask? A game, of course. As I mentioned last week, this is a game we play every time we're together with our England family. A brief (and hopefully accurate) history: Cow-Monkey-Fish-Goat was invented by Nick's Granddad. I like to think he was ahead of his time, because a box version of this game actually exists, called Scatergories. CMFG plays the same way, but what makes it better is that the players get to exercise their creativity.

All you need is some paper and pens and away you go. We each take turns choosing a category, and we write them down in a list (typically we'll have 10 - 12 categories). Then, we find a way to choose a letter (either closing your eyes and pointing to something in a paper or magazine, or just by yelling one out). Then, you have to write down a word for each category using the chosen letter.

Once everyone's finished (OR you can stop the game when the first person finishes), we go around and read out our answers. If your answer is unique (but still a legit answer *cough* my father-in-law cheats *cough*), you get two points. If one other person has the same answer as you, you each get one point and if more than two people have the same answer, no points for you. Add up the total at the end, and see who wins!

We usually play at least three rounds, just changing the letter up each time.

To help get your game going, here are some categories we frequently use: names (girl or boy), dog breeds, things you'd find on a pirate ship (thanks to yours truly), things you'd find on a treasure island, body parts, rude words, cities...I could go on.

Let me know if you play, and what new categories you create :)

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