Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Funny Story and How Karma Got Me Back

The other day I walked past a banana peel on the ground and it brought back a memory.

One day, in first year university, I was walking back to residence from stats class with my friend Ania. There was a girl walking in front of us. We were chatting away but facing forward, just in time to see the girl slip on something and go flying. She didn't fall down, it was more like a scene when someone slides on ice. But she slipped guessed it...a banana peel! It actually happened!

It's one of those slapstick comedy moments that you think would never happen in real life (and probably rarely does) and I got to see it.

So as soon as Ania and I realized that she had, in fact, slipped on a banana peel, we burst out in uncontrollable and very obvious laughter. The poor girl turned around and saw us laughing. We couldn't contain it in time.

Now here's where karma comes in. Some time later that year, on a rainy day, I was walking that same way after class. I had brought my dad's golf umbrella to class, but on the way home it wasn't raining so I was just carrying it. I was walking past a group of cute boys, and they saw me and one called out "Hey, it's Mary Poppins!" I was totally embarrassed without a friend to turn to.

That, my friends, was karma at work.
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