Monday, 22 April 2013

Weekend Bits

How was your weekend?
Mine felt jam-packed, but in a good way.

I capped the week off with wine and girlfriend time on Friday night.

Saturday, I snuck in some shopping (floral pants, to be seen for the rest of the weekend) and tried not to be slowed down by needing to track down an Rx for antibiotics :(

Saturday night, Nick and I had a date to see The Mentalist. No. Not the guy from the tv show. An actual Mentalist. He's not an illusionist or a psychic, just a guy who uses his brain in powerful ways. Would I recommend you go see him...hmm not necessarily. It was a bit slow. Picture watching a very smart person demonstrate how smart his is for 3 hours in front of an audience. It was definitely different.

view from the top; we (smartly) chose balcony seats so we wouldn't get picked on

Sunday was the day to shower this girl with pre-wedding gifts (you know, so she'll be the perfect housewife). I have to say that the hosts did such a great job; it was beautifully decorated (I'd call it whimsical rustic charm) and everyone rose to the occasion by wearing pink. Yes, I wore the pants again.

I was totally enamored with the display of teacups. I have a similar group, just waiting to come out of hiding (read: waiting until we live somewhere that I have room to display them).

Then, after what felt like a month, my mom returned from her travels in Europe! So we headed over for a visit to collect our presents hear about her trip and give her welcome home hugs.

Special deliveries from Portugal

After a weekend like that, Monday has a way of sneaking up really quickly.

Ps. Today is Earth Day, and even though I think every day should be Earth Day, be especially kind to her today, ok?

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