Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sleep and Other Vices

Sometimes, when I read blogs, I read all the special little things that people are doing. I see how cute their apartments/houses are. How funny/handy/helpful their partners are. How great their cooking/baking is. How interesting their weekends are. And sometimes, I think to myself, why am I not that amazing 100% of the time (ha – more like, why am I not that amazing more than 5% of the time)? Then rational thought resurfaces and I am certain that everyone has days that aren't shiny and perfect.

Some of my less than perfect habits:
  • Lately, I’ve been so tired that I go to bed at 9:30 – even my grandparents used to stay up past 11.
  • I frequently eat popcorn instead of a normal meal. To make it seem a little better, I’ll eat a handful of baby carrots first.
  • I work a 9 – 5 job. Many days, I come home from work, hit the couch, and don’t move again until my early bird bedtime.
  • I don’t often brush my hair. I suppose it’s lucky that people don’t notice. My hair is too boring to require much in the brushing department.
  • I hate (read: avoid like the plague) doing laundry. I wear everything as much as possible (without being gross) and then wash everything together in one big load. It’s not right, but it’s what I do.
I was having my usual morning conference call with my friend and I asked her if it was bad that a) sometimes, I just don’t want do anything  and b) I don’t care. I feel like I should care……but…I don’t.

Am I alone here? What are your lazy habits?


  1. I do the popcorn dinners, too!
    Nothing here seems THAT lazy. Plus, you take time to write a blog about the awesome things YOU do/say/encounter!
    That pic is adorable, btw :)

    1. well you certainly know how to make a girl feel better! Thanks love :)


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