Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Weekend Bits

I'm not thrilled that it's Monday morning, being fully aware that some of my friends *cough teachers cough* are enjoying another day off. Jealous!

Here's a little glimpse into my weekend...

Just a casual meeting at an art gallery.

Sleeping in! Which only made this morning that much harder.

A major mission to get rid of clothes that I no longer wear. Relief!

I convinced Nick to play scrabble with me. Yes, he made the word vagina - and actually it yielded a good score. I won though :)

We had our annual Easter egg hunt. Sadly, I did not win. Rookie mistakes; I'm disappointed in myself. Next year...

Not pictured: wine and games night with our friends, several episodes of Homeland, a trip to the new Target (obviously had to be done), multiple walks with Rocky in the sunshine, an Easter Skype session with our UK family, a delicious Easter dinner with the local family.

Did you make the most of your long weekend??

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