Wednesday, 10 April 2013


The scene: driving home late in the evening, an animal makes a mad dash across a six-lane street.

Me: Woah! Did you see that animal? What was that?

Nick (very casually): Probably a skunk.

M: Ok, no, that was definitely not a skunk. Didn't you see how fast it ran?

N: Why? Skunks can't run that fast?

M: No way, they run like this (doing a little hand movement to demonstrate a wobbly little skunk).

N: Really, eh?

M: Yep!

N: So, like, other animals are sprinters, but skunks are just joggers?

M: You could say that... :)

Ps. I'm pretty sure they don't have skunks in the UK.

photo source: morguefile

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