Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Same Old Face

The other day, I just got really sick of my face. I’m not trying to be horrible, but looking at my same face, day after day just really got to me.

Perhaps it was also because I had been looking at some old pictures. Pictures that were taken of me years ago, in the summer, on vacation.

Looking at me in my early twenties, tanned, 10lbs (at least) lighter and glasses-free was a nice vacation from today’s pasty white, spectacled face.

I’m not into tanning, but I promptly threw out my Easter chocolate and ordered more contacts. Mental note: buy bronzer.

Ps. no extreme measures, just a few little changes to rediscover my early-twenties face.

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  1. Well, I love your face - then and now. I'm sure everyone else feels the same way.


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