Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Golden P.I.G.

Some time ago, my girlfriends and I acquired this pig. We named him Notorious P.I.G. - get it?

before: pink-metallic-faded-to-silver with creepy, painted on eyes

He was our girls' week mascot while we were staying up north, and after the end of the week, they decided I could have him (because pigs are my favourite animal). So for years, I've had Notorious, dressed for a luau, hanging out in the garden.

Just the other day, I had a brain wave. I've been admiring this golden pig for quite some time. So why not make my own?

All it took was to take off the leis, clean off the dirt, and then coat him with gold spray paint which I already had from doing my pumpkins.

here's notorious, drying on the front patio

Since we don't really have a backyard, I had to paint him in the front of the house. A lot of people walked by and probably thought I was crazy. And to be honest, I must have checked on him about 20 times in the hour that he was drying out there because I was afraid someone would steal him. I think I may be a little bit delusional regarding his desirability.

Here he is, dried and hanging out on our coffee table. Rocky has been very accepting of him so far.

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